dacadoo Models

dacadoo is a leading provider of Health Scoring technology. This website describes the estimation models we offer as composable business services accessible via APIs. The website is aimed at developers interested in building their own applications and services using dacadoo estimation model technology. Please refer to our main website site to learn about our health engagement platform and related solutions.


All dacadoo model APIs require an API key. Please sign-up to receive your API key for evaluation purposes.

We recommend that you follow the Usage section to learn about using the dacadoo models from your program.

List of Models

dacadoo provides the following models.

Model Description Target Solutions
Risk Engine The Risk Engine estimates health-related mortality and disease risks, such as all-cause mortality and Diabetes type II. The estimation is based on numerous biometric inputs, such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood values, and questionnaire responses. Only sex, age, height and weight are required. Other missing values can be imputed by the engine. In addition to the resulting health event risks, the engine returns the fully imputed input data set and reports the uncertainties of estimations. Professional: insurance
Health Score The Health Score is a number between 0 and 1,000 representing the overall health of a human. The score is based on numerous biometric, lifestyle and psychometric inputs supporting a 360° view of human health. The score is normalized by age and sex to support comparison and benchmarking. Consumer: health engagement

The linked documentation provides the required information to use the APIs. Scientific documentation detailing the sources and methods used in the development of dacadoo models is provided after entering a mutual NDA.